At Feather Your Nest, we offer the best prices we can in accordance with sound business practices. We offer free gift-wrap and we also offer free shipping on many items. We create sale opportunities when occasions warrant. We adhere to the pricing guidelines required by our vendors, and hence, are not permitted to discount certain products, except in particular circumstances. Occasionally, some of our competitors offer certain product prices that are less than ours. To be fair to our customers, when notified of lower prices online, we will match such prices, when the situation meets our Price Match requirements: The lower price merchandise must be new and exactly the same product we are offering. We must be able to confirm the competitor terms. The total product price, including shipping and any other charges from both parties must be the basis for comparison. The price match cannot be applied to any product on sale or under special promotion. Our Price Match cannot be retroactively applied to previous purchases. We do not Price Match for merchandise offers directly from manufacturers or auction sites. All final prices offered are at the discretion of Feather Your Nest, and are not negotiable. Thank you for shopping at Feather Your Nest. We appreciate your business and attempt to be fair in all our policies, including pricing.